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Ethereum began as a white paper written by a 19 year old in 2013. Today, it is a global open source blockchain project that has the potential to transform the world within the next 25 years. An interview with the inventor of Ethereum about the early days of the project.

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In this expanded edition of the book Traders of the New Era there are 3 additional interviews (The Home Run Swing Trader, The Futures Scalper and the Futures and Options Veteran), 1 extra chapter (The Trader Tool Box: Tricks, techniques and methods to fight against HFT) as well as additional improvements . Most traders fail. This has been especially true after the rise of High Frequency Trading and electronic markets, but what are the main characteristics of the traders that do succeed? That and other answers are provided by Fernando Oliveira in this book with in-depth interviews with traders and market experts. If you are tired of outdated day and swing trading literature that is available in bookstores and are looking for something more in touch with the current market structure then this book will please you with a wealth of up to date advice, tips, strategies and techniques.

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Believers from Beijing to Buenos Aires see the potential for a financial system free from banks and governments, and a new global currency for the digital age. An unusual tale of group invention, Digital Gold tells the story of the colorful characters who have built Bitcoin, including a Finnish college student; an Argentinian millionaire; a Chinese entrepreneur; Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss; Bitcoin's elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto; and the founder of the Silk Road online drug market, Ross Ulbricht. With Digital Gold, New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper offers a brilliant and engrossing account of this new technology. At each step of the way, Bitcoin has provided one of the most fascinating tests of how money works, who benefits from it, and what it might look like in the future.

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